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Hello... I am a very pleased Mother of 3 beautiful and amazing children - 2 boys and 1 girl. I am a happily married woman to a smart and handsome man. Anyone who knows me knows that my life is kind of chaotic. I love crafts and consider myself to be a crafty person – I get it from my Mother. To squeeze a little “Me” time into my hectic life, I’ve created a Pinterest Crafts Club, or the P.C.C. A time where I can both craft and spend time with my friends. I love my little family. Life is hard right now, but I have faith that the Lord will never give me a trial that He doesn’t think I can overcome. But man, if trials make you stronger, I’ll be able to give Hercules a run for his money. Hahaha! Just Kidding ;) "You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart unless you have one burning in your own." ~Elder Harold B. Lee

July 10, 2012

Day at the Lake!
Now that we know that the boat runs good... We're goin for it!

We started off nice and easy. Zay was sittin with Grandpa. He was pretty relaxed. 

But then Dad decided to go a little faster. Haha. You can see how crazy Zays hair got!

J - just loving every minute of being back out on the lake

D's so happy. I'm really glad we decided to get the boat.

Time for Zay's First Tube Ride with Dad. We started them off on the beach.

Here we go!

Now their Cookin!

Zay loved it. Grandpa even went fast with them a little.

J's turn!

Just waiting around for the their ride to start.

Now these guys were REALLY goin!

Made it outside the Wake a few times.
Mom was freakin out a bit!

"Whew!" - D
J was silent. 
He didn't even say he had a good time until his feet both inside the boat. Haha

Drink Break

Dad's just checkin on the Boys, making sure they're ok and had fun on their tube rides.

Grandpa's Turn! Wake Boarding this time.

"Grandpa, I saw you jumping the waves. You're so Awesome!" - J

Zay's new favorite thing to do - Drive the Boat!

J's just happy where ever.

Relief Society Girls Night!

We were to bring a finger food, and I chose to make little Fruit Cookies

Everyone really liked them. Because we got back kinda late from the Lake, I only had like 45 min to make these and get ready to go. Plus I had to go to the store to buy all the ingredients. So I made the cookies and the dressing and D helped cut up the fruit... We just packed them all up and I made them at the party. I made a whole plate full. And later that night, I had people telling me how good they were. I offered to make more because I brought everything.... and they all said "Yes Please". So I made a whole other plate full. 

Then after treats and finger foods... we all played games.

Some went swimming.

I had had a full day of swimming, but my toes were so swollen and sore... I just dipped my feet in.

Over all it was a fun, yet exhausting day. Zay had a few close calls where I had to run out and get him... but he learned, by the end of the day, that he needed to be a little bit more careful when he's in the water. J had such a good time, he cried pretty bad when we were leaving. I think he thinks that we wont go again for a while. But I told him... "J - this is our boat, we can go to the lake whenever you and Dad want to." Then he got all happy again. 
Good day, Good day

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