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Hello... I am a very pleased Mother of 3 beautiful and amazing children - 2 boys and 1 girl. I am a happily married woman to a smart and handsome man. Anyone who knows me knows that my life is kind of chaotic. I love crafts and consider myself to be a crafty person – I get it from my Mother. To squeeze a little “Me” time into my hectic life, I’ve created a Pinterest Crafts Club, or the P.C.C. A time where I can both craft and spend time with my friends. I love my little family. Life is hard right now, but I have faith that the Lord will never give me a trial that He doesn’t think I can overcome. But man, if trials make you stronger, I’ll be able to give Hercules a run for his money. Hahaha! Just Kidding ;) "You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart unless you have one burning in your own." ~Elder Harold B. Lee

July 3, 2012

7 Months Down
Due Date:

When I think about it, it seems like I've been pregnant forever! Ugh!
I think it's funny that we're going to have all our kids in September.

Reason 1:
(He's gotten way better about this) Every time D would say the months of the year, he would skip September. haha Now he can't ever forget that month.
Reason 2:
My brother-in-law asked me why it would be such a bad thing that 2 of our kids were born in the same month. I always told him, it's because of my Mom instilling it in my head that every kid should have their own Birthday Month. Where we only think about that one person, make it special n' all. 
Reason 3:
My Mom. 
Because she thinks that every kid should have their own Birthday Month. 

Now it's kind of a joke. Having all the kids in September.
The same Brother-in-law told D and I:
"You guys better start finding out another way to celibate New Years."
Thought that was pretty funny.

29 Weeks & 4 Days Pregnant
73 More Days to Go!  

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