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Hello... I am a very pleased Mother of 3 beautiful and amazing children - 2 boys and 1 girl. I am a happily married woman to a smart and handsome man. Anyone who knows me knows that my life is kind of chaotic. I love crafts and consider myself to be a crafty person – I get it from my Mother. To squeeze a little “Me” time into my hectic life, I’ve created a Pinterest Crafts Club, or the P.C.C. A time where I can both craft and spend time with my friends. I love my little family. Life is hard right now, but I have faith that the Lord will never give me a trial that He doesn’t think I can overcome. But man, if trials make you stronger, I’ll be able to give Hercules a run for his money. Hahaha! Just Kidding ;) "You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart unless you have one burning in your own." ~Elder Harold B. Lee

July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

This is the cake I made for the 4th. Made home made Buttercream frosting. SOO GOOD! 
My first Fondant Roses!
I'm happy with the way they turned out.
The cake got eaten up pretty fast. D doesn't normally like cake. (I switched making cakes for his birthday to pie and ice cream). Anyways, he had 2 huge slices! Says he loved the frosting. 
Funny story:
When we went to go see the fireworks, we just left right from the house... so we brought the left over cake. I ate a little on the way to where we were going to watch them. So, we were sitting down in the back of our jeep waiting for the fireworks... D comes walking over with the left over cake and starts eating it. He almost would have finished it off if I hadn't said anything. But when he got up, the rest of my awesome cake rolled off the plate :( And then, he put the roses and cardboard plate on the top of the car while we watched the fireworks. Guess who forgot to take them down when we left. lol
So I can't reuse the flowers for the cake I'm going to make today. I wasn't going to use them anyways, but I Could have tee hee

We decided to do some Poppers and other kid friendly stuff before it got too dark.

D and Grandpa were in charge.

Poor Zay missed all of it. But was there when it got a little darker... for Sparklers and such. 

Cute little picture of J and his cousin.

Here she is showing J where the Sparkler got her.

And now I think she's telling him that she doesn't want to do that ever again haha. 

J and his Grandma blowing bubbles at each other.

I love Zays hair. Too bad I know the real reason why his hair sticks up like that. It never does that when JUST water is on it. With 8 kids being in that water, and only half of them being potty trained....
Ya, I guess you can say that there's deff something in the water that makes it stand up like that. 
The boys played all day. Swimming, and then a fun game of baseball. BBQ and watermelon. Little fireworks and Poppers... and then the Big Fireworks. 
It was a pretty busy day.

The sunsets here are soo pretty!

This was the last at-home firework we did before we went out to see the Big Fireworks. 
All and all, the 4th was stressful and crazy, but worth it when I saw the look on the Boy's faces when they were having fun. 
I love my family and am so thankful for all the good times. 
Hope everyone else had a good 4th too. 

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